Hello, guys…

Long time no post. Busy? Not really. No idea? Many ideas to tell. Then? Ya, that’s my question as well. I realise that writing is so hard to get into the habit, especially for me as moody guy. Haha..

Well, the point is, today, I’ll get into the habit of writing on my blog in English, whatever the idea is. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love Indonesian language. I do love Indonesian language, I really love everything about Indonesia. Yet, I have something to reach in the next two or three years. What is it? Let it be my secret first. Hehe…

Because from now on I’ll write something on my blog in English, please correct me if I’m wrong in using the grammars or vocabularies or anything. I realise that my English is still poor, still learning. So, I’m looking forward to your comment about my posts.

For the first post, I’d like to tell you about my yesterday experience.

Yesterday, I had a nice conversation with my university friend. She is a nice girl and she is studying at master degree at the University of Indonesia majoring Psychology. We first asked about our condition each other, our daily activities, and finally, we talked about our university friend’s wedding which is going to be held on the following day. It was about 3 pm that we suddenly wanted to attend the wedding. Please be advised that I was in Jakarta, she was in Depok, whereas the wedding is in Sumedang, East Java. We knew that to reach Sumedang we have to ride vehicle.

At that time, she invited me to look for car rental so we could go to Sumedang on the following day. I was still working, while she was studying at her campus. Then, we looked for the car as best as we could. Yet, in the end, we couldn’t find any car at all.

The experience I want to share with you is that the procedure of renting a car in Jakarta is a bit challenging. I asked my friends whether he had contacts who lease a car to ride on the following day, but most of them said that the cars were being used by other costumers. “It’s okay, I would find out again after maghrib”, I said.

After maghrib, I tried to seek information about car rental on internet at the suggestion of my friend. It was more than 10 car rental I called and the answers were various. “the all cars were rented out”, “must include the driver”, “minimum lease is 3 days if not including the driver”, and many more. According to the plan, I surely wanted rent a car without driver, means I would ride the car by myself because I could go to anywhere I want without any freely. Yet, the fact is not as simple as I imagined. Hehe…

In addition, It was my fault as well. I shouldn’t make a plan suddenly. I should plan a few days ago. Yet, that’s what happened to me.

More less that’s all I share with you. Hope you understand what i wrote and you can take any lesson from it as I do. See you on the next post. Bye..

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