He has allowed me to keep walking through this year. There were a lot of moments I experienced so far and each of which was giving me so much lesson.

One thing that until now I can’t sometimes believe is I am finally here to study, in the city 7000+ miles apart from my hometown. During the process, I met with many people who directly or indirectly supported me to keep going; my family, my office colleagues, my friends from school and university, LPDP, PK-67, and many more, including you spending time reading this writings. I somehow believe that this is not because of my genius nor skills, but it happens solely because of His mercy.

O Allah, as You know, I’ve got a number of waiting dream lists to achieve ahead. Yet, as You miraculously granted my wish though at that time I almost forgot it, I will let You direct the universe to make the lists come true. I don’t know which one is the best for me, but You does. Please keep guiding me to the right way. I rely on You, God, only You.

Thank You for always being with me. May You forgive all the sins I did in the past and fill my heart with your loves and miracles. Aamiinn. 🙂

London, 31 December 2016

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