15802025_1882466135367617_1470382122505076736_nActually, I had no plan to go out during this New Year’s Eve, but instead of doing nothing in the flat, I finally hung out with friends just to know how the night looked like in London. I didn’t buy a particular ticket to get access to the best spot to enjoy the firework. Thus, my friends and I wandered around to be able to get the free spot and still be able to see the firework sparkling in the London’s evening sky.

Living for 25 years in Indonesia gave me the picture how people enjoy the last night of December in every year. Compared to Indonesia, there are some points I noticed about New Year’s Eve of London.

1. No trumpet
This point was noticed by my friend, and I just realised soon after. “I had been looking for the thing usually we got in Indonesia, but we didn’t in the UK. It’s trumpet!” he said enthusiastically. Yep, we didn’t find anyone blows a trumpet around London. People just talked to one another while waiting for midnight. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, we can easily buy a paper trumpet and blow it during the eve. This phenomenon even gives luck for some people who creatively willing to either produce or sell it. I remember my mother used to say “I hope it’s not pouring. Pity the trumpet seller.”

2. No disruptive fireworks
In London, there is only one (or two?) spot to enjoy the spectacular firework, and anyone who willing to pay some money for a ticket can go in. The place today like for years ago was allocated in around London Eye, and it was tremendous! Compared to Indonesia, even the clock still tells 10.00 pm, many fireworks are sparkling in the sky. As turning 12.00 pm, our attention will be distracted by other fireworks.

3. Less street vendor
As hungry, we walked around to get something to eat. We expected that it was just like in Indonesia where many street vendors are everywhere. In fact, in London, it was just a few. Instead, some stores chose to close earlier because of the festive season. On the one hand, many customers would be disappointed, but on the other hand, the owner might want to give the employees a holiday so they can spend time with family.

Well, those are three points I noticed tonight. May you get the picture how New Year’s Eve in London.

NB for the video or picture containing how the fireworks looked like, please kindly google it. Thank you. 🙂

London, 1 January 2017

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