15802428_1089692797809406_7887434859004559360_n“When you want to stop, remember why you started.”

You must be familiar with this quote. You can easily find it on many social media platforms or just google it. This quote is somehow accurate.

As we know, sometimes we forget the aim of all what we’re doing in the middle of our journey. We then feel the emptiness inside our heart. We then find out what causes it happens. Some of us might go to chat with friends, while the rest go hanging out or anything that can help us find something we can handle to guide us back.

This quote asks us to remember what underlies all we are doing. It might be because you want to make your beloved ones happy, you want to actualize your potential or anything. And magically, by recalling our intention why we walk through this way so far can recharge our spirit. Well, at least it works for me.

Therefore, for you who are getting lost in the middle of nowhere, let’s try this thing. I’m sure you are just on edge, so you just need to get back to the track and continue the journey. Get your friends to help you if you need support. Making a healthy vibe surrounding you is also worth trying to keep you up and stay on the right way.

Happy rediscovering your own journey, mate!

NB This picture was taken in the flight GA86 by Garuda Indonesia while heading to London from Jakarta a few months ago.

London, 2 January 2016

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