I would like to share a story. Once you finish reading it, you might think that this is just a simple thing. But to me, its meaning is very critical nowadays.

Check it out!

Yesterday, I bought some fried chickens in a restaurant called “Dixy Chicken” in Golders Green, London, UK. When I came in, two people were waiting to be served. I joint the queue until my turn came.

dixy chicken
Dixy Chicken, taken from google

In a moment, one customer was done.

Now, it was the second customer’s turn!

She waited patiently while holding a pizza box. From behind, I could guess that the pizza box was a Dixy pizza box which meant that she had just bought the pizza from the restaurant.

The waiter came and asked her.

As I guessed, she was complaining about the pizza quality. She said that the pizza was not well cooked. So, she wanted a replacement.

The waiter listened to her carefully.

Once she finished, the waiter said that the pizza was well cooked. He guaranteed that the cheese he used was one of the best in the class. He also explained the cooking process was right and nothing wrong with the pizza appearance (he even showed me and it did look right).

Felt unsatisfied, the complainer wanted to leave the pizza with the waiter and did not want to take the compensation.

And suddenly, “Wait!”, the waiter replied.

“It is haram (prohibited) in my deen (religion). So, this is your money that is worth the price. I give back to you”, more or less that was what he said.

Received the money, the complainer left the restaurant quickly.

The point is that I was surprised by the way the waiter treated the complainer. He did it so calmly! Most importantly, I was amazed by the religious principle that he held. He did not want to take any benefit from unclear business (in this case, the compensation). I think this is rare, moreover in this secular country where halal and haram are difficult to distinguish. Therefore, this story makes me realise that there are still many good people out there wanting to make this world better.

To the owner of Dixy Chicken, I would like to thank you for holding your religious belief in running the restaurant. May Allah reward and bless you. Aamiinn…

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